Emmausz Foundation - About Us



EMMAUSZ foundation for education and culture


1052 Bp. Haris köz 2.

Our goals:

  • Organization of adult education, events, courses, seminars and trainings
  • Publishing and creating materials and equipment used in adult education
  • Organizational and advertising activities in relation with these
  • Finding jobs
  • Furthering the employment and education of underprivileged social groups (women, children, people with disabilities, convicts, the elderly, Hungarians with minority status in the neighboring countries)
  • Founding and maintaining adult education facilities, creating our own adult education center(s)
  • Planning, executing and following up equal opportunity projects
  • Strengthening links between education and the labor market
  • Encouraging and expanding educational, economical, employment related and social partnerships
  • Educational and employment programs for Romani youth and adults
  • Managing and counseling human resources development programs on a national scale and within the EU
  • Supporting artistic activities (schooling, education and cultural projects)
  • Organization, monitoring, auditing and counseling in the fields of education, economy, employment, arts and social functions
  • Development and maintenance, distribution and advertising of eLearning systems
  • Creating and maintaining development oriented partnerships, with educational, employment, economical, non-government and church participants
  • Building networks between institutions, advancing network operation
  • Creation of family-friendly workplaces, initiating, following up and monitoring organizational development, in order to reach EU level outcome.
  • Supporting the creation and development of private enterprises and middle-sized companies, via education, counseling, network building and organizational development

We work in the following structures to help us reach our goals:

  1. Harmonizing Family and Career Workshop: family friendly projects, Work and Family Audit Committee, research servicing
  2. Art Sponsorship Workshop: supporting artistic, especially church music affiliated activities, nursing talents, caring for non-government and church initiated projects.
  3. Faith and Humanity Workshop: taking up and supporting specific private initiatives, persons, humanitarian projects (with special attention to broadcasting Christian values)

The Foundation is carrying out it’s activities in accordance with the requirements of 1997 act CLVI. article 26 c.) 3., 4.,11. and 13., in the following public-service areas:

  • Scientific activity, research
  • Schooling and education, aptitude development, lecturing
  • Furthering social equality for groups discriminated
  • Activities relating to Hungarian minorities, national and ethnic minorities in Hungary.

The Foundation does not take a part in direct political activities, it’s organization is independent of political parties and does not provide financial support to them.